Eurocare COVID-19 Safety Matting

Eurocare has a range of COVID-19 Safety matting products for your premises during the current Coronavirus  Covid-19 pandemic. These can help keep your premises, staff and visitors safe.

Our range of mats includes social distancing mats, sanitising points, wash your hands and many more.

Unlike stickers, our mats can be moved around and are ideal for all public buildings including hospitals, supermarkets and offices.

Each mat is digitally printed for superb colour reproduction and definition, featuring a clear social distancing message. The mats are 6mm in height and have low profile borders to reduce the risk of trip hazards and are vinyl backed to remain in place.

Mats are machine washable at 30ºC

For further information please click the links to our products below.

COVID-19 Message Mats – Disinfection Floor Matting

COVID-19 Message Mats – Sanitation Point Mats

COVID-19 Message Mats – Wash your hands matsCOVID-19 Message Mats – Keep Your Distance

COVID-19 Message Mats – Group