Do you have rats in your drains? Europest can help! Act now to protect your business!

Make sure your pest controllers are dealing with your rodent problems! –  not only ‘in and around your buildings’ but also in your sewer system aswell! because these can harbor some unwanted surprises, therefore making your pest control inadequate.

Many pest controllers appear to miss obvious entry points for rodents into buildings and as a result a problem goes on much longer than need be!

Europest carry out inspections and treatments to your sewer systems.

In many circumstances one way valve systems can be installed and as a result prevent unwanted rodent access.

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At Europest we follow three fundamental principles which we call ERD:

E – Exclusion:

The fitting of brush strip to gaps at the bases of doors and roller shutters. – to the sealing of holes around waste pipes. – and open doors because these may allow rodents to ingress into your building. We are able to help and advice with any proofing requirement.

R -Restriction:

Providing the right advice with regards to the causes of rodent activity. Overflowing refuse containers, exposed food sources, overgrown shrubbery, broken drain covers are a few of the many contributing factors which may encourage rodent activity and possible ingress into your premises.

D – Destruction:

If internal pest control is required we utilize the most efficient up to date methods in control.