Hand washing is the activity that has the single largest impact on reducing the spread of disease.

Hand washing stops the transfer of germs to other parts of your body, other people and the environment in general.

Eurocare can help ensure that your business or healthcare establishment is providing optimum levels of hand hygiene by supplying the Sanitex ® soap and hand sanitizing dispensing systems to your premises.

Sanitex® Soap & Hand Sanitizing Dispensers

The Sanitex® Generic soap/ sanitizing dispensing system has a unique patented weldspout feature enabling a choice of refill options to be dispensed from one universal dispenser, allowing system costs to be fixed, and reducing stock holding.

Our Instant hand sanitizer options have above the recommended alcohol content of 60% to ensure disinfection of COVID-19.

Safety Data Sheets for all products available on request.

The dispenser is ideal for any sector including healthcare, schools, government offices, restaurants, shops and many more.

The Sanitex® dispenser is quick and simple to install and will soon help create a contamination-free environment for you.

The dispenser is wall mounted and can be filled with either liquid, spray or foam soap or hand sanitizer gel which gives you plenty of flexibility.

Hinging at both the top and bottom, the Sanitex® dispenser eliminates the need for a separate arm / elbow pusher, ensuring ease of use for your customer.

Features and benefits include:

  • Manufactured from highly durable material making it resistant to wear and tear
  • Non-drip pump mechanism
  • Strong locking system to stop theft and interference with product
  • P.H. balanced pleasantly fragranced soap options
  • Luxury, anti-bacterial and waterless instant hand sanitizer refills available
  • “Push to dispense” system
  • Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers
  • Dispenser also available in a bright chrome colour option

Eurocare can supply only or carry out regular servicing of your soap dispensers. For more information please call us on 02920 868961 and speak to one of our helpful team.