Water is an expensive facility for many businesses throughout the UK. With water rates rising year on year, water is a commodity that all businesses should be focused on to make sure that they are saving water where they can and maximising on any savings that can be made.

Millions of litres of water are wasted each year alone by the constant flushing of men’s urinals in toilets, even when there is no need for them to flush. Usually due to the fact that they are not used between 2am to 9am, or closed over the weekend.
Eurocare can install computer controlled systems that work with the cisterns in the men’s toilets/urinals so that water is not used when it isn’t needed. Saving money on water charges and contributing to conserving the environment.

How organisations manage water is a critical factor and installing water management systems will show your commitment to using water in a smarter, more environmentally-friendly way and responsible way.

All organisations have a responsibility to think smarter about water and avoid wastage. Eurocare can help you achieve this.

The Eurocare Flowsaver system

The Eurocare Flowsaver Water Management system can help your organisation save water and make a positive contribution to the green economy. Not only that, you will save money and have a significantly more efficient and hygienic system.

Flowsaver incorporates a unique light indicator instant status monitoring feature.The LCD provide confirmation that the flowsaver is functioning correctly and the function is in the sense/flush/wait sequence.

To find out more about the Eurocare Flowsaver system and how Eurocare can help you save water and money please contact us on 02920 868961.