Do you have a pest control problem at your residential or commercial property?

Europest understands just how harrowing an infestation can be. Whether you are facing a rodent, crawling insect or bed bug issue, we have the expertise to find an appropriate and cost effective solution.

Flying Insect Control is just one of the premier services provided by the Europest team. Flies have been linked to a number of health hazards. They spread harmful bacteria throughout your home and workplace. As well as posing various health risks, flying insects cause a nuisance for your family, staff or visiting clients.

Europest’s highly skilled team ensure your property’s flying insect issues quickly become a thing of the past. We use a series of techniques to deliver effective flying Insect Control in a variety of property types.

Here at Europest, we also provide a range of bird control programs for sites overrun with pigeons, seagulls, and other nuisance species.

Our falconry service offers an effective deterrent that goes back to nature and utilizes the predator/prey relationship. Our birds of prey have been specially bred and trained for use in Pest Control Services. They can be put into action during nesting seasons to encourage pest birds to nest away from your premises.

Netting, post and wire systems, spike systems and Bird Free optical fire gel systems also form part of our bird control strategy.

All our pest control services begin with a free quotation and consultation. We ascertain your requirements and your property is fully assessed to ensure our pest control team has the information they need. We will then be able to suggest the correct prevention and exclusion methods for your specific problem.

To find out more about our Pest Control Services, Please call 02920 868 961.

We operate a 24-hour, 7 days a week service to all of our existing and potential clients!