The Europest technical team of qualified Technical Inspectors & Field biologists can provide your business with independent consultancy and audit services. Covering sites across all of the UK and throughout Europe.





With a long experience of pest management in the food, retail, packaging and pharmaceutical industry and operating to BRC, M&S, TESCO, ASDA, Morrison’s, SALSA, Soil Association requirements will help your business comply with the most stringent of auditing bodies.

We offer in depth pest control solutions to problem sites with persistent pest issues. Concentrating on environmental improvements and structural improvements to help control pests in the first instance.

Our technical team can carry out Quality Assurance Audits on the performance and suitability of your existing pest management and pest monitoring systems from existing contractors.  We examine the performance of both your pest control contractor and the performance of site, in relation to the quality of pest management systems in place.
Our Auditing team are adept in the following:

1. Customer service and communication skills
2. Health and safety and technical aspects of Pest Control
3. Pest Inspection techniques
4. Pest Trending/Analysis
5. Pest Auditing standards
6. Auditing pest control systems
7. Presenting Pest findings
8. Developing Pest action plans

After each audit a detailed report with photographs is compiled and recommendations in relation to housekeeping, storage, structural improvements and more will be advised to help manage future pest issues. A QA scoring system will enable year on year improvements to be tracked and trended.

Our auditors have the following recognized qualifications:

  • BPCA Level II in Pest Management
  • BPCA Level III Advanced Technician in Pest Management
  • Level 2 HACCP
  • Level 3 – Intermediate Food Hygiene for Supervisors
  • BPCA Certificated Technical Inspector/ BPCA Certificated Field Biologist 
  • SPA – Food Safety Passport

For more information on how we can help you and your business please contact our technical team for a tailor made package.