The cold, dark winter days and nights make you want to snuggle up in your home and avoid the elements. The trouble is that the rats and mice in your area feel the same way!

When the cold weather kicks in rats and mice will do their utmost to find somewhere warm and secure to shelter and this is when they can potentially invade your home, shed or garage.

Who are they and where are they likely to be?

Typically it is house mice, wood mice and brown rats that could enter the home, with rats and house mice being more common in city centres and wood mice being more common in the suburbs. Rats and mice can enter the tiniest of holes and cavities and can often be found in roof and wall spaces, cellars and cupboards.

What are the tell-tale signs?

  • Gnawing and tooth marks
  • Droppings – rat droppings tend to be about 12mm long and tapered at one end and mouse’s are about half that size and thinner. You may have to get your ruler out!
  • Greasy fur marks – look for black smears along skirting boards
  • Ammonia-like odour which house mice often leave behind
  • Scratching noises in walls and under floors
  • Nests of paper, fabrics and plastics

What damage can they do?

The problems that they cause include damaging your furnishings, woodwork and insulation as well as chewing your wiring. If you’re really unlucky they may also get into your food cupboards.

What should you do?

Ideally prevention is better than cure so this means repairing broken air bricks and holes in outside walls, floorboards and skirting boards. However, if rats and mice have already invaded your home it may be time to call in the professionals.

At Europest we have many years experience dealing with mice and rat infestations ( Rodent Control ) so if you need any help then please get in touch.